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Windsor Comedy Festival

"Where you will see the best on the road to greatness" - December 27 Annually

Photographers!! This one is for you!!

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We are looking to bring 'Windsor' to the stage!
Looking for photo submissions of iconic Windsor landmarks and buildings. Or simply cool photos of the city. The photos will be used as the backdrop for the show.  Any photos chosen will used on stage and filmed. Tons of exposure!

18+ eligible to enter

The copyright of images will, at all times, be respected by Windsor Comedy Festival and retained by the photographer.

If you submit an image, Windsor Comedy Festival reserves the right to project images on stage and film such images as a part of the show. Where an image or images are reproduced by Windsor Comedy Festival, the photographer will be credited through a uniform watermark with the photographer's name.

Please provide a Dropbox( or other) link to your photo(s)

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