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Windsor Comedy Festival

"Where you will see the best on the road to greatness" - December 27 Annually

The Urban-ite discusses Windsor Comedy Festival #wcfest21014

Windsor Comedy Festival has it in the Bagg

Getting through the holidays can be stressful, but one local event is designed to put you in a good mood.

Windsor Comedy Festival returns Dec. 27 at the Chrysler Theatre with a new line-up. Ranked No. 1 by CBC News on things to do between Christmas and New Years, this year’s roster includes well-known Canadian star Ian Bagg, who’s worked with Judd Apatow and appeared on the Late Show with Conan O’Brien and Hockey Night in Canada.

Bagg, who dropped out of school after his first comedic performance, originally wanted to become an engineer, and joked about missing out on “blowing stuff up.”

Becoming a comedian was not his plan at all.

“I did stand up one night, and it was fun but also terrifying. I had a shot called a Fireball before going on stage” said Bagg, whose comedic style often relies on the audience.

“I plan for emergencies but I mostly feed off the audience.”

Growing up the small town of Terrace, BC, the best part of Bagg’s childhood was going to hockey games in tiny buses and keeping others entertained during the ride.
Among the many things he has done throughout his career Bagg said the most satisfying was working with Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy.
“I felt like I could connect with the audience more as opposed to just a monologue.”


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